10 most stylish Colour schemes for Kitchen

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Modular Mart team provides you with TEN most stylish colour schemes for your kitchen. Our clients especially from Gurgaon, Delhi have shown great likeness toward these shades.

1. Classic Grey and Blue

There is always so elegant and sophistication about the family of Grey and Blue Hues. As per recent trends in the modular kitchen design, the grey hues is always an evergreen choice. The cabinet colour of Dark grey or deep Blue resonates well when clubbed with lighter tone overhead storages and white based tiles.

2. Tans and Browns

Many modern Indians have an affinity towards the beige family. The hues of browns and beige find lot of takers in this part of the world. One notable thing about this particular shade is that it does not look dirty so easily. Hence it makes the product nearly maintenance free.

3. Yellow

Trendsetter Yellow has found its way at number three for our design and research team. This is a bold yet a very refreshing colour and much adds to the buoyancy of the space. However one must get the wall element confirmed prior going for this combination.

4. Warm Orange

Orange like Yellow is a very active and an energetic colour. We suggests combination of orange with other colour can produce some amazing impact for your kitchen space.

5. Light Grey and White

A never fail colour combination of light grey with white will always make your kitchen look exclusively rich. A finish hi gloss grey cabinets combined with white tones gives the on looker an
awesome effect.

6. Red and White

A startling red with white can never be overlooked. Red raises the energy levels and definitely a must have for trend lovers. So either you can chose to have shutters in red with rest in white or chose wall covering in red while keep the kitchen in white.

7. All white

When going for all contemporary interior style, an all-white combination just fits in almost every aspect. The spacious feeling a white produces can never be replicated by any other colour combination. The all-white kitchen is modern and one of the best.

8. Black and metal

Enigmatic black is a sure shot head turner, preferably if done for open kitchen or large kitchen units which are very much visible. Do ensure to have a metal hardware of brass to add the elegance for
your kitchen.

9. Citrus is here
For all those folks who want to feel life, citrus (Hues clubbed in green and yellow) is the must have. The power of green and yellow combination is true reflection of life. If your space has a direct sunlight, the bouncing of natural light simply magnifies its presence.

10. Stone and Wood
A combination of wood with stone purely gives a real European style look. Do ensure your space is termite proof before going for natural wood else, use engineering wood to keep your space free from termite and water issues. A separate wall cladding of natural or veneer stone can add real modern look for your kitchen.

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