All about keeping Kitchen Tiles clean and smart

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Healthy food leads to healthy family and a well-maintained kitchen leads to healthy food. Kitchen is one of the most important assets for a house that demands proper hygiene and care on a regular basis. Dirt,stains and various microscopic harmful bacteria do accumulate in your kitchen, especially on tiles over time. But if you want to keep your kitchen always shiny and clean then there are a few products and processes. Here we are providing a bunch of small tips to help you out in maintaining your kitchen well. Make sure to check them out-

Simple tips :

What are the ways to keep your kitchen tiles clean?

As things get older, it needs extra care and effort in order to make them the way it was when they were new. But in these day-to-day busy schedules of life, we don’t want to bother ourselves even in knowing some easy ways to keep your interior shiner. Here, we have come up with some of the simpler ideas that helps you in keeping your tiles clean:-

● Clean your kitchen floor tiles deeply and periodically.
● Avoid oil stains and smudges by cleaning spills on the go to avoid long-term stains.
● Use disinfectant with a clean cloth to make your tiles germ free and smudge less
● No matter how sparkling and shiny your tiles are but still they won’t look best with grubby grout. Scrub some bleach diluted with water into the grouting with a used toothbrush. It’s not that easy work and will be tedious but if it is done thoroughly followed by a good rinse, it will bring that spark back into your tiles.

● The traditional approach of getting down on the knee is the best way ever but in case you find it difficult, you can take a mop and bucket of weak bleach solution to keep your grout from getting stain free.
● You need to be gentle while using bleach or some other kind of harsh cleaning chemicals around animals and kids.

Make your kitchen look smart

Be it from cooking, prepping, or hanging out with family, the kitchen keeps the family together being the heart of your home. After furnishing, tiles are the one that provides an elegant look to your kitchen but it’s a bit hard to maintain that natural glow of tiles forever but not impossible. We have discussed above several ways, but here we are adding other ways you can use to make your kitchen in a way that if somebody comes in, they must feel jealous of you. However, that smooth surface glow depends on the type of tile you have for plain ceramic tiles, you can use a scouring pad and for patterned or printed tiles use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.

➔ You can use baking soda to spot clean kitchen tiles by mixing it with vinegar to make a thick paste and use it over the stains.
➔ If the grease got badly stuck with your tiles, you need to use a plastic scraper to scrape away the rigid stains. But make sure that the plastic scraper that you are using is on a wet surface so that you can avoid scratches.
➔ Use of hot soapy water to remove any residue of dust and dirt will be the easier and the best one.

Effective tile cleaners, warm water, soft cloth, and scrubs are also very useful in keeping your tiles stain free and dirt free. After using any of these methods, make sure to dry the kitchen tiles with a clean towel. The same method can also be applied to the rest of the kitchen tiles. You can get more useful and functional information with ModularMart .

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