Modularmart.com is a unique platform to provide seamless experience when it comes to get your home or an apartment done with modular wardrobe, modular kitchen and even entire interior fit out.

No doubt today we have numerous modular suppliers’ right next to the nearby market. Even there are some established online agency who claim to provide modular solutions for your home. Still it’s the customer who are made to suffer either from incessant phone calls, quotation with terms so esoteric that it is just next to impossible to understand the proposal. The only parameter left for a customer to decide is the price. Also there are agency who in the name of providing Turnkey project provide quotation which normally people do not have any reference to cross verify. This is where modularmart.com comes to resolve your pain and help you getting the optimum solution for your work.

Modularmart.com provides you the quotation from numerous verified suppliers to choose from. The best part none of the suppliers will chase you. In fact it will be your choice whom you want to meet and better still we provide parameters like customer reviews, quality and timely completion rating etc features, apart from the vendor’s quotation price to help you make an informed decision on making vendor selection.

Unlike most of the other online agency, modularmart.com is here to walk you through.  A dedicated team will support you not only in the initial phase of the selection process but will also ensure the selected vendor has performed quality job or not. We understand most of the time people struggle to get the right services alongside the modular wardrobe and kitchen requirement. This is where too modularmart.com comes to aid. We provide the optional engineering service which takes care of all our civil, electrical and plumbing needs.

Not only that we undertake a quality check at the time of a handover. During our inaugural year we are offering 1 year of FREE Pre-emptive service upon signing a 2 year contract of Preemptive maintenance service. However currently this service shall be available only in Gurugram.

We are not different but unique in our own way. In fact in lieu of the kind of solutions we intend to provide, you will be surprised to find our solutions unique and way different form already available vendor solutions.
How we are different form contractors?
As reiterated we are a platform and our contractual scope is pretty limited in itself.
When it comes to individual customer requirements, we are not only a platform from where an individual can obtain the services of chosen suppliers but in the process we ensure the customer gets value in terms of saving you from the hassle of identifying a correct vendor for your project but also ensuring you have peace of mind during the vendor selection.
Our vendor selection process is pretty stringent and hence we can surely say, our vendors shall meet every quality parameters.
Our process empowers our customers with the unique ability to identify and shortlist vendors, such that only those vendors/ suppliers shall contact whom you wish to.
We also provide you a dedicated project coordinator who shall keep you posted on the placed orders.
Modularmart.com shall perform the duty of the contractor only for specified services for which customers can opt for. These services are not mandatory but to be charged separately and can be availed only at the discretion of the customer while placing the order with Modularmart.com
Modularmart does not provide the services of modular kitchen and wardrobe rather we are the facilitator for this domain.
How we are different form individual designers/ interior design studios?
Again when it comes to providing design solutions, Modularmart is not a design company in particular but rather aid our customers when they opt for entire interior fit our services. Modularmart.com does not provide Interior design solutions in specific terms.
Only for the entire fit out services our in house design manager will facilitate the customers to address to their problems.

We are present offering our services only in Delhi NCR (Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad). In the coming 12 months we expect to expand our services to other parts as well.

Modularmart offers complete set of solutions for all kinds of kitchens – be it U shape, L shape, Parallel etc. Also in terms of materials we provide all ranges to choose from – You can opt to have a plywood kitchen or even an SS finish kitchen. Our vendors shall bid only for those types of kitchens in which they have expertise about. Be rest assured you will have plenty of options and it shall be entirely up to you whom you would like to meet and award the work.

In design connotation, when we use the term “full interior fit out”, we’re referring to designing interiors for the entire home, i.e., kitchen, bedrooms, living, dining and any other spaces in your home. However the scope of work for modular kitchen and wardrobe will be availed as per the normal procedure used by logging on www.modularmart.com

No, Modularmart is primarily a market place for customers to select proven modular kitchen and wardrobe suppliers. However if an entire flat or house need to renovated Modularmart.com does take up the project and in-house interior design and execution services will be provided. It should be noted the kitchen and wardrobe scope of work will continue as per the regular process under Modularmart.com either by the customer or by Modularmart.com exclusively.

Our NRI Services is specifically aimed for exclusive customers who reside outside India. This service shall be made available soon.

We are very particular when it comes to vendors’ registration under Modularmart.com. Our process is such that only professional suppliers are registered and on whom modualrmart.com and entrust. Even though our customers have full liberty to select the kind of suppliers and vendors they would like to hire but we can surely say, all our vendors are of repute and who are performers in the industry.

Modularmart.com has no role to play in the selection process. We want to keep the entire process transparent and hence for the very same reasons we have empowered our customers to make their choice on their own and shortlist or select the vendors or suppliers.
Any decision to change or replace a suppliers solely lies on the behest of the customer. However it will a good idea to drop a mail or call our project coordinator (in case you have opted the said service) and convey your decision.
Just a small suggestion though: Usually placing the order for modular kitchen and wardrobe it is not common to see such a scenario arise since all the orders placed are on 100% advance. However in the event if because of some emergency situation, the suppliers himself conveys his inability to carry out the order, then definitely he will provide the comfort as per the agreed terms and conditions.
Therefore we strongly suggest to all our customers to please do the contract and commit to the terms and conditions only when you are fully convinced and understand the deliverables as promised by the vendor.

The vendor whom you select and award the work will ensure the complete installation. However we at Modularmart.com fully believe in giving our customers the very best of customer experience, during the handing over our quality team will pay a visit and rate the vendors accordingly. Even our customers have the power to rate the vendor’s performance based on parameters like timely delivery, communication and quality.

When a customer fills in the requirement form, we provide an option to select the Project Coordination service. This is entirely a free service. By opting this service the customer is provided a designated project coordinator who provides all the updates to the customer. Also it is to be noted that Project Coordinator shall coordinate the project only on remote basis. That is either via email/ phone or Whats app.

Our “Call a Design Manager” service comprises of numerous facilities like
1. Filling in the “Requirement Form” on the behalf of the customer – in customer’s presence.
2. Understanding full customer’s requirement in person
3. Site measurement for kitchen and wardrobe
4. Mood board – sample of materials e.g. – plywood, veneer, etc finishes- duco, matt, suede etc
5. On-the spot tentative basic costing range.
The “Call a Design Manager” service is chargeable on Cash on Presentation Day Mode, for a nominal ₹ 1500 (GST extra) but is available only for Delhi NCR as of now.
However for the customers who do not wish to avail the service can opt for DIY or Do-it- Yourself service. As the name suggest the customer in DIY will be required to fill in the requirement form themselves. Still if they face any issues, then can either revert to have a “Call a Design Manager” service or leave the options selections as “I don’t know”. Our customer care personal will get in touch and walk you through the purpose.

For all the services which comes under Modularmart.com domain the payment can be made in various ways. One can chose – Online mode or Cheque/ DD mode etc.
It is worthwhile to note modularmart.com is a business venture of SRG Enterprises. Hence all the payments intended to modularmart.com directly shall be made in favor of SRG Enterprises.

Once the customer shortlists/ selects a vendor (Modular Kitchen and Wardrobe) both the parties i.e. the customer and the supplier enter a professional relationship and hence all the payments are to be made to the selected vendor as per the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties.
Please note: modularmart.com nor its representative will ever ask for payments against its vendors who supply modular kitchen and wardrobes.

Our customer care team is more than happy to help! Please write to us at hello@modularmart.com. We normally get back within 24-48 hours