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Modular Kitchen is a contemporary kitchen furniture solution that helps you transform your kitchen like never before. It allows you to highly customised range of products that you can select from a wide range of cabinets, drawers, storage compartments, and other options. Each piece that needs to be fitted is referred to as a “module.” Modules come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs and the location of the module in your kitchen.

A modular kitchen has a total of five distinct areas. Refrigeration/storage space, crockery/cutlery storage space, cleaning space, preparation space, and cooking space. In this blog, we’ll shed some light around the cost associated with building a modular kitchen.

Aesthetics v/s price factor

Before dwelling deep into the pricing one must understand budget is the primary concern before beginning any project. This primary factor is variable from person to person. Some people prioritise aesthetics and functions, while setting the budget for their modular kitchen and some choose to go the other way around completely.

To begin, unlike designing the rest of your home’s interiors, the cost of designing a modular kitchen does not depend entirely depends on square footage. While the size of your kitchen is the most important factor in cost, other factors include the types of modules, their complexity, the size and depth of the modules, raw materials, body and shutter finishes, and handles.

Let’s break down each part to understand their effect on pricing completely

 1 – Cabinets

Cabinets are referred to boxes that will go into your kitchen for storage and other utilities and pricing for same arranges between Rs 65000 – Rs 100,000 depending upon the material and quantity. If a cabinet is made using the below shared configuration, the price of the cabinet can also be calculated as ₹ 1250/sqft which includes the following-

a. Plywood sourced at ₹. 60/sqft

b. Cabinets covered with matte finished laminated shutters

c. Hinges for push in and push out function

d. Basic handles that can range between ₹ 150- 200/piece

e. Edge banding and finishing paint

The total width and height of the units can be calculated and multiplied by 1250 ₹. For example, if you have 13ft (32.5sqft) floor cabinets and 10ft (20sqft) wall cabinets (roughly equivalent to a 7-foot-by-8 foot kitchen) the approx. cost of cabinet would be 52.5sqft * 1250 = ₹ 65000/- approximately

2- Hardware

This is an area where either you save or splurge as per your budget. Hardware units wholistically covers the following

a. Drawer Fittings (Tandem Boxes or SS Baskets) – The kitchen considered can have anywhere from 3 to 8 drawers.

b. Corner Units- Usually kitchens have 1-2 corner units, let us assume we are using 1

c. Lift Up Systems – Either people choose to have all lift up boards or limit it to just 1-2 units

d. Pantry Unit – A unit entirely dedicated to keep grocery items, this is usually discounted by people considering the cabinet space

Each of these comes in different quality and brands and can together sum up to ₹ 50,000 –60,000

3- Counter- Sink, Plumbing & Electricals

If the builder has already installed the counter-top, there should be no additional costs. If not, there will be some miscellaneous costs ranging from ₹ 10,000 to 25,000 plus labour charges. The counter-top will contribute the majority of the cost, so contact any granite shop to get an estimate.

Whereas sink, plumbing and electrical supplies cost varies as per need of individual and design of the modular kitchen. These are small -small cost that needs to be budgeted well so that it goes not turn into an extravagant expense.

4- Shutter Finish

There are different types of shutters available you can go for either one finish or a mix of one or more. The table below gives a glimpse of how much each finish will contribute to the overall cost considering the kitchen area to be 52.5sqft.

Shutter Finish Increase in Price per sqft The total increase in price for 52.5 sqft

Shutter Finish                  Increase in Price per sqft        The total increase in price for 52.5 sqft

Glossy Laminates                           100                                                  5200

Acrylic                                               200                                                10,500

Lacquered Glass                              400                                                21,000

PU Painted                                       450                                                 23,625

This should give a fair idea of the different components that contribute to the price of the modular kitchen. If you are still unsure about picking the right material, right color or design for your kitchen, hiring a kitchen specialist is always wise. Working with specialists is the most effective way to ensure you get exactly what you want with in your budget.

Modularmart helps you not only get the right material within your range but our designers also guide you on aesthetics, functionality, and style of your kitchen. We ensure each penny you spend is spent wisely and you can avoid any uncalled-for expense.

For design consultation on kitchen, you can reach us as or book an appointment with our design expert on our website .
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