How To Select The Right Chimney Size For A Kitchen

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Everyday Indian cooking involves deep-frying, grilling, and spluttering for curries using oil that makes your kitchen look messy and greasy, leaving all the strains behind.
A good chimney makes the kitchen a better place to cook. It elevates the whole interior and saves a cook from heat and fumes.
A right chimney size can effectively collect greasy particles and make your kitchen look cleaner and safer. But choosing the right chimney size for a kitchen can be tricky.
So, let us dive into selecting the right chimney size for a kitchen that meets your kitchen requirements and suits your cooking style. There you go:

Deciding The Right Kitchen Chimney Size

Choosing a suitable chimney depends upon the size of a stove or hob. A chimney is available in two dimensions, 60cm, and 90 cm. If you have a stove with two burners, then 60cm is good and if you have a stove with three or more burners, then choose a
90cm chimney.
1. 60 CM Kitchen Chimney Size A chimney should sufficiently cover the cooking range in a kitchen. If your cooking range is moderate and you use three burners, then the optimum size for a kitchen chimney is 60cm.
2. 90 CM Kitchen Chimney Size For a more comprehensive cooking range, a 90 cm kitchen chimney size is perfect. As it will cover a wider area saving you from heat and fumes. A more prominent chimney can suck out the smoke efficiently.

Note: The chimney should always be slightly more significant than the stove or hob size.

This way, the chimney can absorb the smoke effectively and prevent your furniture and walls from becoming greasy.
Choosing The Right Chimney Size Will Effectively:
● Absorb smoke and fumes
● Make your kitchen stay clean
● Ensure the kitchen is always smoke-free.
It should be kept in mind that a chimney can be greater than a stove but not smaller.
Attaching a smaller chimney will not help absorb the smoke and heat from cooking food.

What Should Be The Height Of A Chimney?

A chimney should be ideally placed at a height where your face does not touch the chimney. The size of the chimney is significant due to the hot-air and cold-air pressure build-up. A chimney should generally be 650 -750 mm from the cooking stove.

Consider The Following Factors Before Choosing A Chimney:

Following these tips will help you target the correct chimney for your kitchen. Always choose a reputed brand that offers free installation and prompt after-sales services. A chimney needs proper maintenance at regular intervals for optimum performance, so ensure you get this right in one go.

Take The Help From Experts!

If you are still unsure about the size of chimney you need for your kitchen type, then seek professional help. We at ModularMart will guide you with the specifications, size, and type of chimney suitable for your kitchen. Also, you will save time and energy in choosing the perfect chimney for your ideal home.

We empower our customers to make intelligent choices by selecting the right products. Make the best buying decision with the help of Modular Mart. We will help you choose a proper chimney at affordable rates to enhance your kitchen style and amplify your home decor.

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