Kitchen – Through Feng Shui Perspective

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The kitchen is the most essential part of any dwelling and perhaps if it encompasses more than a preparing, cooking activity it turns out to be the most difficult space to deal with. Yet somewhere it is also a reflection of one’s lifestyle. Undoubtedly kitchen is the health center of a house and is it imperative that it should function well.

As per Feng Shui, directions play an important part. In kitchen too directions have a key role. Notably in ancient China south east direction was considered the perfect way to locate the kitchen. One can refer the “The Relationships of the Five Elements” table to create balance.If one installs a red color kitchen which faces the south wall, it will be overloaded with yang Fire energy which should be drained. As per the table the Earth drains Fire, so incorporating a stone floor or some stone pots would be a nice option. However the Fire element is considered to be dominant so having a Water element too would be a good idea. This can be achieved by having a Water element in the form of a painting or a blue blind, which could lessen the impact. Also one must not have a plant here as it is a Wood element as it acts a Fire feeder. Yet, overall the kitchen is in itself a Fire element, as it is represented by various Kitchen gadgets, like cooker, electrical cooking appliances and since these are in conflict with the Water element one must be cautious in maintaining the balance. As per the recent trends, kitchens are having normally dual color concepts and that too in very subtle and tone down shades. In such a scenario, it is advised to add a slight touch of color to bring life to the otherwise drab space.

The location of a gas stove is very vital in a kitchen. It should be in a place where the user feels utmost comfortable else it will be reflected in the food preparation. We find in so many cases that the users feel isolated from the rest of the spaces. This should be avoided. The user should ideally be able to feel engaged with the rest of the space of the kitchen and the house on the whole. For example positioning of anything reflective in front of the user may be an alternative so that the user has some idea on the presence of some other being. This helps the user in maintaining harmony with in. The other alternative could be to have chimes on the kitchen door. By doing this too, will address the issue.

FENG SHUI advises very firmly on the way chi is treated in the house. Caution must be taken to see if the kitchen door opens is in direct line with the main entrance door or the outside area. The energy would simply flow out and hence it should be obstructed by means of either physical or psychological barriers. Quite simple method would be to keep the door lock during operations. But the barriers otherwise could be in the form of a furniture piece or a vegetable trolley or may be a planter. One must be careful to not to have too big a barrier. Say a big fridge or a cupboard. This will prove to be counter-productive as the chi would not be able to flow at all. Like a fast moving chi is not preferred so is the stagnant chi. In fact many consider a stagnant chi to be more harmful especially in kitchen.

Pointed corners should be avoided as they may prove to be dangerous for the users. Care must be taken to keep the sharp instruments like knives in particular enclosed area or objects. Every care must be taken to keep the kitchen clutter free. A good design will definitely address the said issues.
Effort must be made in making good space utilization especially when it comes to cupboard planning.

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