Perfect Planters To Elevate Your Kitchen’s Look

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Want to give your kitchen an exotic, tropical twist?

Yes? Then get some planters! They are literally the easiest and the fastest way to embellish your kitchen.

But, what planters to get? Well, there is no right or wrong plant for your kitchen, as every house has its unique humidity, temperature, and light level. However, some planters for herbs and green will bring a splash of color, purify the air, and even provide fresh green produce the whole year.

Here, we help you pick perfect planters for growing herbs and greens indoors.

1. Face Planter
Add a toy face planter that is hand-colored and looks incredibly gorgeous. We are sure the face planter will be the main attraction of your kitchen.

2. Hanging Planter
Hanging planters are great for small kitchens where you do not need to use the countertops; instead, you use the vertical space. These are available in various colors and sizes. You can easily hang them outside the window and let your greens outflow and create a fantastic structure.

3. Copper Planter With Hooks
A copper planter with hooks is one of your kitchen’s trendy and most relaxed planters. It is well suited for the kitchen with limited sunlight and compact spaces. You can grow a single herb or even multiple green herbs together.

4. Terracotta Pots
The natural beauty of planters lies in the pots made of sandy terracotta material. These look exceptionally beautiful when painted and give your kitchen an ethnic vibe. They come in different shapes and sizes; you can always customize them easily.

5. Galvanized Herb Planters
The galvanized planters come with a set of seven small pots with a huge tray containing them. These pots are designed to grow your favorite varieties of herbs and greens. You can carry all pots at once and take them in sunlight or rain as needed.

Tips For Choosing A Perfect Planter

1: Right Size
Make sure to choose the perfect planter for your herbs and greens. The too big planter will need more cleaning and space, and too small planters will only keep herbs and greens that grow faster. So choose a planter according to the type of plant you wish to keep.

2: Proper Drainage
Select a planter with drainage holes or a layer of pebbles on the bottom of the pot so that the extra water flows out and does not clog the roots. The drainage is a must to keep the plant fresh and beautiful.

3: Protect Underneath
The drainage system present in the planters usually leaves harsh stains on the floor that make your surface dirty. So ensure a tray beneath the planters, so the extra water flows out and stays in a tray without spoiling the surface.

4: DIY
Consider planting herbs in the planters you never thought would work as a planter, for example, a teapot, mason jar, mugs, and many more such things lying in our kitchen. Make sure to pick something that does not contain harmful chemicals like lead.

5: Consider Material
Choose a material that you feel is good and manageable for you. Though terracotta and clay material planters are the best choice regarding looks and functionality, water seems to evaporate soon. In this case, you can choose plastic planters that do not get dried quickly and are easy to handle.

6: Be Mindful Of Your Decor
The planter’s color combination, patterns, texture, and material should complement and amplify your home decor.

Get Help From Experts!

Be wise in choosing the planters that will thrive in your unique space. Make an excellent addition to your kitchen with these planters. We at Modular Mart are experts in designing your kitchen in a way you never thought. Ask for our help, and our work will speak for us.

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