Types Of Back Splash For Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house.

People usually use the kitchen for cooking, washing dishes, and eating with friends or family.

In fact, it serves as the heart of the house. Usually, the kitchen tends to be small. That’s why you need to make it as comfortable as possible and filled with things you need.

The kitchen backsplash is an essential part of the kitchen structure that can beautify your kitchen, provide convenience and protect your kitchen.

The Functionalities Of Back Splash

The backsplash behind the stove protects it from grease and cooking splatters that could damage the surfaces behind the stove. Material for the backsplash should be durable, non- absorbent, easy to clean, and won&#39;t discolor easily.

It is possible to encounter a few different options of conditions when installing a backsplash behind a stove. If you have a cooktop installed on a countertop, you probably have a strip of countertop behind it.

If you choose to tile the wall right up to the counter, you can have the bottom course of tile directly over the counter. Unless you have a freestanding range, the range and the backsplash will be apart by a gap.

Types of Back Splash

Almost all backsplashes get created from ceramic or porcelain tiles. Tile is easy to work with and offers a wide range of designs. Those tiles are water-resistant and easy to clean.

In order to install tile on the wall, thin-set mortar must be applied first. Following are the major options you can find while choosing Back Splash for your kitchen.

1. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

The most common backsplash materials are ceramic tile and porcelain. Ceramic tiles and porcelain with a vitreous (slick) surface are easy to wipe down, which is a big help when looking after grease splatter behind a stove.

2. Countertop Material

Some countertop installers offer the countertop material as the default material. If your countertop is a solid surface, the installer may apply a 4-inch-high backsplash of the same material along the same length. It will cover any gaps between your countertop and your wall.

3. Stainless Steel

A stainless steel backsplash offers a modern, almost industrial look and is easy to clean and durable. The material is more expensive, and you will need someone who has plenty of experience installing it.


The next time you are planning a kitchen remodel or if you are just doing some decorating in the kitchen, consider installing a tile backsplash. A tile backsplash will work very nicely with any type of kitchen theme.

Additionally, it is very easy to maintain and clean. So, get creative and feel free to add some of your own ideas for a grand look in your kitchen. Need a cool backsplash for your kitchen?

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