Understand the different ways of using lights in your kitchen

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Understand the different ways of using lights in your kitchen


The need for a good kitchen is as important as the need for a healthy balanced diet in your meal. Just like you need healthy food, your kitchen also needs good lighting so that you can work more efficiently. But here comes the problem: everybody has ideas about healthy foods, but only some are aware of kitchen lighting.


In order to resolve this problem, Modularmart.com is the only place where people can come for effective and efficient lighting suggestions. Please stay connected with our article till the end and lighten your kitchen beautifully. Let’s dive a little deeper and gather some ideas about it.

(1) General Lighting for all over the Kitchen

The first and most important kind of lighting you need to install in your kitchen is recessed lights. Recessed lights are the best for general lighting in your kitchen, which are installed into the ceilings or walls.It gives control of the light’s brightness as per your need. For example, you can dim the lights when you are not in the kitchen. If you don’t have a false ceiling, you can install a wall-mounted light fixture that uniformly spreads the lights in the room.


  1. Ambient Kitchen Lighting IdeasWith the name, one can understand that these lights might create an ambience in a room, which is true. Ambient lights create a conducive and creative ambience in your kitchen when you install them. These are not the primary lights but an additional one for natural lighting. Several options of ambient kitchen lights available in the market give you a choice to choose what suits your kitchen.


  1. Cabinet LightingThese lights you install inside your cabinet help you see the products kept inside easily. It gives you control to switch off and on automatically when you open and close the cabinet, just like the fridge. However, cabinet lighting is mainly used for deep and dark places, but if you want, you can install all the cabinets for better sight.


  1. Lighting Kitchen CountertopsCountertops are the places in the kitchen where the most precise work takes place. Also, before installing lights in that area, remember that most of the countertops have a shiny surface, as it is made up of marble or granite, so a diffuse light source is needed to avoid reflection glare.Mostly, the countertops are under the upper cabinet, so under-cabinet lighting is suitable and easy to install. For reference, light channel millwork is suitable for under cabinet lighting, and light channel 45-degree surface mount, when installed in the front of the cabinet facing the wall, will give the lights to countertops nicely.


  1. Task LightingIt is clear from the name “Task lighting” that it lights the area where tasks are performed. Task lighting focuses on a particular area to illuminate it, making it easier to accomplish tasks. Before adding this to your kitchen, think about the places in the kitchen where you often perform work. Divide your kitchen into several task areas that need light. For example, cabinets, drawers, sinks, pathways, etc.


What question comes to mind while installing lights in Kitchen?
There are a couple of what and how comes to mind while we think about installing lights in the kitchen. In this extract of the article, we have come up with some of the shortlisted questions that often strike to mind. Here are the  few one:


  1. What types of lights fit well in the kitchen?
    As per our suggestion, warm white lights will be good for your kitchen in many ways. However, it still depends on what you like.


  1. What light should be chosen for the kitchen ceiling?
    Flush mount ceiling lights and ambience lights are the best options for kitchen ceilings that will distribute the lights all around.


  1. Where should we install task lighting?
    Divide your kitchen areas where you often go and install task lighting there.


Further, for any query related to using of lighting in your kitchen, do let us know at support@modularmart.com

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