Where To Place Cooking Gadgets Like A Microwave In A Kitchen

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An effective placement of kitchen appliances is essential to make the process of cooking and preparing meals smooth. If you are wondering where to keep your microwave for easy access? Here are the sober spots in the kitchen that will make your microwave placement look easy and attractive.

Places To Effectively Integrate Your Microwave In A Kitchen

1. Into Cabinetry
Use the cabinetry for a built-in look and move the microwave off the work surface. Setting your microwave in cabinetry is inexpensive and easy as it requires no demolition. Microwave into cabinetry looks more even and streamlined.
2. Install It As A Drawer
Installing the microwave as a drawer-style offers easy access and readily available landing space for food. The configuration is stylish, delivers an integrated appearance, and is ideal for kitchens with limited counter space. It is a safer choice and gives your kitchen a high-end look.
3. Behind a Cabinet Door
Suppose you do not use the microwave regularly, so you can choose microwave space behind a cabinet door. You can add a tambour door, which is easy to open and lifts out of the way for easy access. The strategy will keep your microwave hidden when not in use, and also it will blend with the rest of the cabinetry.
4. On the Counter Top
It is the most common spot to see the microwave in a modern kitchen. It is an easy, quick, and accessible option for microwaves. Even the experts considered the possibility of placing a microwave on the countertop as simple and convenient. The big drawback of using a countertop for microwaves is that less space remains for normal countertop usage. So keep in mind the size of the microwave if you are going to place it on a countertop.
5. Dedicated Appliance Wall
A dedicated appliance wall is specially designed for high-end kitchens. Adding a microwave to an actual appliance wall will increase productivity and efficiency. The microwave will blend with the other appliances making your wall look more compatible. A dedicated appliance wall is not an affordable choice if you have to add extra wiring and cabinetry.
6. Over the Range
Consolidate cooking appliances and save space by placing your microwave under the range. Having an over-the-range microwave can help you to streamline the cooking process. It is an excellent and convenient microwave storage method if you have a compact kitchen.

Ask The Experts!

However, finding the appropriate microwave place can sometimes be tricky and tiring. If you are eager to make sure everything flows smoothly from the stove to the fridge, all the way to the microwave and sink, then do take help from experts. They will skillfully guide you to design a kitchen you will embrace forever.
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